How to join ILP Vegetable?

ILP Vegetable Membership is open to all interested parties, regardless of whether they own patents or not.

The annual membership fees are based on the number of full term employees of the company and its affiliates in the year membership is applied for:

Small             < 100 employees             Annual membership fee: € 4.500 
Medium    100 – 500 employees    Annual membership fee: € 9.000 
Large     > 500 employees   Annual membership fee: € 13.500 

Interested in joining ILP Vegetable as a member?
Please complete the application form and submit it to the ILP Vegetable Secretariat.

Once we have received your application form we will inform the ILP Board about your application. The Board will decide within one month after receipt of the completed application form on the application. Please note that applications may be rejected: in case a natural person applies for membership, the application will be rejected as membership is restricted to legal entities. So it is not a matter of automatic approval.

In order to become a member you also need to sign the Accession Agreement, after the decision of the Board.