Chris van Winden (NL)

After his study at the Wageningen University, specialization horticulture and plant breeding, Chris was head of the Department Glasshouse Climate and Growing Techniques at the Glasshouse Crops Research and Experiment Station in Naaldwijk.

After 17 years in research he held several positions at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in The Hague:
  • Head division Research, Extension and Education of the Department of Agriculture
  • Head divison Plant Production of the Department of Agriculture
  • Chief officer plant propagating material. During this period he was member of the Administrative council of CPVO, head of the Dutch delegation in Council UPOV and active in several Committees and working parties in EU in Brussels

After retirement in 2009 he was active as:
  • Chairman of Steering Committee “Industry Solution to the interface Plant Breeders’ Rights and Patents”, resulting in the International Licensing Platform Vegetable (ILP Vegetable)

He is still active as:
  • Manager China Project at Plantum NL (Dutch Association for Breeding, Tissue Culture, Production and Trade of Seeds and Young plants)
  • Vice chairman of the Board for Plant Varieties, Department horticultural crops